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Sábado 18 de Marzo de 2017

¿Alguna vez viste cómo cambia tu cuerpo con la menstruación? Mirá cómo le afecta a esta mujer

Fanática del fitness y del Instagram mostró como luce durante esos días a través de su cuenta.

Malin Olofsson es una chica de Instagram que ha decidido compartir con sus seguidores cual es el aspecto real de su cuerpo durante 'esos días del mes'.
Olofsson explica estar "cansada de intentar meter mi estómago hacia dentro" y "he decidido que respirar es más importante".
La joven muestra en la publicación su panza hinchada en una foto con ropa ajustada."Cuando tengo la regla, ya tengo ganas de morir y he decidido amar a mi cuerpo; no hay que avergonzarse y ocultarse cuando el cuerpo está haciendo su trabajo", sentencia la joven en su perfil.

-------------------------------------------- Some of you have seen this before. Some of you haven't. Some of you experience and go through this yourself once a month. Some of you will be disgusted. Some of you will sigh with relief and think -Omg I'm not alone. Some of you will not read this caption and presume that I'm pregnant. -------------------------------------------- This is the visual signs of PMS for me and many other women. For some it's less extreme, for some it's more. Water retention is a very normal and common symptom of PMS. Some women will hardly notice it and some go through immense discomfort for a couple of days a month. It can start anytime between ovulation and your period. -------------------------------------------- THIS IS NORMAL. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes - it is very uncomfortable, and yes - it is really difficult to not feel like you must hide it and try to suck your stomach in. I've stopped. I've decided that breathing is more important than what other people may or might think. I've decided that my body's reaction to the hormonal change is not going to be an aspect that I let contribute to my already unstable mental state. Because when I have PMS, I already feel like dying. And I've decided to love my body no matter how I feel about life. -------------------------------------------- Do not blame your body for how you're feeling. It is never your body's fault. It is never anything wrong with how your body looks. Yes - your body might experience discomfort due to hormonal changes - so instead of making it worse through shaming your body, try doing the opposite. Realize that this is when you need extra self-care and self-love. Realize that you don't have to be ashamed and hide. You are perfect and your body is just doing it's job.

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There are still a lot of misconceptions about eating disorders and recovery. Even people who are supposedly professionals don’t seem to have an actual understanding of what it means to be fully recovered. -------------------------------------------- Having a ‘healthy BMI’ does not necessarily mean that you are free from your eating disorder. Gaining weight is pretty easy in relation to the mental struggle of freeing yourself from an unhealthy relationship towards food and your body. -------------------------------------------- When I was at one of my lowest points I got forced-fed with a tube and eventually I did reach a ‘normal weight’ and ‘a healthy BMI’. My anorexia was however worse than ever before and when the tube was taken out I fell back into my ED-behaviors and so losing all that weight. AN EATING DISORDER IS A MENTAL ILLNESS. IT IS NOT A WEIGHT. So no – your weight will not let you know when you have recovered or not. It is, however, of utmost importance that you give your body what it needs in terms of nutrition and energy. Because without it, your brain won’t function properly. If you do not give your brain sufficient nutrition and energy, you won’t be able to recover from the mental aspects of an eating disorder. A starving brain is a disordered brain. -------------------------------------------- Stop defining your process according to your weight. Your weight is not a definition of your well-being. Your weight is not a definition of where you’re at in recovery. -------------------------------------------- It is easy to get confused since everything may seem to circle around your weight in recovery. And then you’ll feel that something is wrong - because you might be ‘normal-weight’ but you still hate your body, you still have the exact same thoughts. The only difference is that you perceive yourself to be ‘a failure’ because ‘you’re not skinny anymore'. This is where the real work starts. Don’t stop here. This is where you have the ability to change, to say goodbye forever and never go back. In the next post I’ll talk about what recovery really means. Your weight has nothing to do with it in the end.

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